What ICE did was not some secret, says nobel peace prize winner Nadia Murad to the press.

– They told everyone that they had to kill all the men, and that they bought and sold, wronged her, and raped, women and girls. It was used in propagandahensyn.

Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad, who this year was awarded the Nobel peace prize, met today the press at the nobel institute in Oslo. Journalists from all over the world were present. Mukwege is a doctor and director of Panzi hospital in Bukavu in Eastern Congo. He has specialized in the treatment of women who have been raped by militiamen, all, and have treated over 3600 of the rape victims. He has even been in mortal danger as a consequence of their work.

– It is often women who pay the highest price in armed conflicts, and we have now come to a point where it is not enough just to talk about it. We must denounce it through concrete actions. In armed conflicts are the female body a battleground, ” said Mukwege. the

An important congratulations from the prime minister Debate, the Several thousand victims

Murad felt himself to be abducted and abused by the ICE, along with his two sisters, and she lost both parents and six of his nine brothers in the genocide in 2014. Now she believes that it is important that those who committed the atrocities, not killed, but set to the responsibility so that the victims can get a form of justice.

– There are still several thousand women which are not free. All the ICE has destroyed is not built up again. It is still a big job that remains – now that it is declared that it is committed to genocide, there must be consequences, ” says Murad.

– There is not a single one of the IS the perpetrators are brought to justice. Whether or not this is taken hold of now, will similar actions be committed by others in the future, ” she says.

Mukwege is asked whether he wants to engage politically in the long-time chaotic political situation in the country.

Award is received on behalf of the congolese people. It is important that people become engaged in it as has happened with the price. People need to tell the international community what has happened in the Congo over time. It is very good that the nobel committee has quantified that six million people are victims of this war, and that hundretusentalls women are raped. I can relax only when these hundreds of thousands of women have been restored their righteousness, says Mukwege.

When the nobel peace prize winner came home, were his daughters in danger of death Provides a new spotlight

– How will the prize affect your work, they two asked.

This one price alone may not prevent further attacks on women. We need to get lined perpetrators to justice, ” says Murad.

the Price is important. Now follow the people all over the world with on the job we do. This spotlight on our business is important, ” says Mukwege.

He says he hopes the award will make it harder to look away when sexualised violence occurs.

– Now there is none that can say that they have not acted because they knew what happened. Now has the international community a new responsibility to act. The price is no victory – it Betpas should be seen as the beginning of a new struggle against violence against women, ” says Mukwege.

High human cost –

– do you See any reason for hope?

– I see it for myself and for my people, as a consequence of the work we have done in the last few years, responding Murad.

In the Congo, there is always hope. This is not an ethnic war, a war between regions or a religious war. But it is a war about natural resources. The resources gives hope – and now people will get to know the human cost of all the machines we use, all of the computers we use, the cars and equipment we use has a high human price.

I ask all governments in the world fight genocide, and sexualized violence

The two asked what they thought about each other. Mukwege begins:

I have a message for Nadia. I have great respect for her. She fights a noble battle – the silence is what keeps the war started, the taboo is what keeps the rapes started. Nadias struggle is not a struggle only for her but for other women also. Voldtektsmenn continue raping, because they know that the women will keep it hidden. I have the very deepest respect for you.

Murad answers:

– This award is not only to the yezidi people, but to the people in the DR Congo. When I told Dr. Mukwege about what had happened with me, he listened to me and my story. I’m grateful for that, and for that he for many years have fought this battle. This is a beautiful day, but also a difficult day, ” she says.

Sexualized violence is a weapon that lemlester, kill and terrorize the Leader Appeal to the youth

The youngest journalist in the congregation, from the Ungdomsavisa, ask: – How can young people like myself to help in the fight against sexualized violence?

the Youth is the most important weapon we have. They can fight against sexualized violence – we know that young people are the victims of this, but also that they are very capable to communicate. Young people can take away from this, and help other young people to understand what is happening via social media. Young people can assist in creating a healthy masculinity via social media. We often feel that these conflicts are far away, and that they are some other wars. But sexualized violence has been used as a weapon of war, also in Europe. We must fight against this form of violence, and a toxic form of masculinity. Young people can lead the way in this fight, you have a great opportunity to create a better relationship between women and men, ” says Mukwege.

– You can make a difference. You can tell about what’s going on, ” says Murad.

– We had not freedom of speech or the ability to speak to us. Young people have the opportunity to express itself – in Europe, in the middle East, in the rest of the world. As Dr. Mukwege says, you can use the web and social media to prevent people from joining themselves to the ICE and perform violence.

present at the press conference was also the director Olav NjĂžlstad at The Norwegian nobel institute and the leader Berit Reiss-Andersen of the Norwegian nobel committee.

The two laureates will be presented with the prize during the official Nobel ceremony in the Oslo city hall Monday at 13. Later in the evening, the two winners with the tradition, wave to the fakkeltoget outside the Grand Hotel in Oslo city centre.

I was forced to rape. I had to do it with six or seven women