A United Airlines Boeing 737-800 was discovered on Friday March 15 with a missing panel, according to company officials. This observation was made during an inspection after the flight that the plane had just made between San Francisco (California) and Medford (Oregon).

The airport suspended operations to check the runway and airfield for debris, according to management, which found none. “We will conduct a thorough examination of the aircraft and make any necessary repairs before it returns to service. We will also conduct an investigation to better understand how this damage occurred,” United Airlines said in a statement.

According to the Associated Press agency, reported by Radio Canada, “a United Airlines spokesperson clarified by email that the flight was carrying 139 passengers and six crew members and that no emergency had been declared, because there was no indication of damage during the flight.

The Boeing company has been affected by several incidents in recent weeks. The aircraft manufacturer notably reminded airlines operating 787 Dreamliners as a “precaution” to inspect certain buttons in the cockpits. A warning that comes after an incident on a flight between Australia and New Zealand that left many injured on Monday.