“That seed that you think is tiny contains a tree that contains a forest.” The phrase of the writer Alejandro Jodorowsky summarizes the important role that SMEs have in the Spanish economy. And small and medium-sized companies account for 98% of the Spanish business fabric and generate 75% of employment and 65% of GDP. Although, due to their size, they sometimes occupy a second level, the truth is that they are the true engine of the Spanish economy. Furthermore, we must not forget that the main Spanish firms that today enjoy an international reputation began as small businesses that grew thanks to the effort and work of the founders and their successors.

For this reason, EXPANSIÓN and Ifema, with the collaboration of Orange, SGR-Cesgar and Bankinter, are calling for the 16th edition of the SME Awards, which in recent years has established itself as the reference award among small and medium-sized companies. A recognition that rewards the dedication of a group responsible for more than half of the jobs generated in the private sector.

In the previous edition -which was held in 2019, before the pandemic- more than a hundred companies submitted their candidacies.

The awards are a boost for those leading companies in each of the six categories of the contest: technological innovation, internationalization, environment, corporate social responsibility, job creation and best entrepreneur. Each applicant may present her candidacy in more than one category.

The objective of these awards is to reward good business practices so that they can serve as an example to other companies.

The registration period will remain open until October 20. To participate, all you have to do is send a document containing a brief summary -maximum two pages- of the company’s history, highlighting the merits and important milestones to deserve the award in each of the categories to which that is aspired. All documentation must be sent to the web address vanesa@expansion.com.

The main requirement to be able to participate is to fall within the definition of an SME. This implies having less than 250 employees and that turnover during the last year does not exceed 50 million euros.

It is also necessary that the majority of the capital be in Spanish hands. Applications will not be accepted from companies that, by themselves meeting the requirements, belong to a holding company that exceeds the maximum size.

If these criteria are met, the size or income of the candidates will not be valued, but rather their track record and the merits achieved in each of the categories to which they apply. Once the jury meets, starting on the 25th of October, the winners will be informed of the day and place where the prizes will be awarded.