The club was founded about six years ago by the economist and businessman José Tapias, who continues to be the CEO of the company, but who with the incorporation of Rivera hopes to achieve “growth” and “internationalization” of it, and who rules out that The signing of the former orange leader is due to a financial need for the club.

Regarding his objectives as Raheem’s leader, Rivera has indicated that he seeks to attract more foreign investment to Madrid, especially from Latin American businessmen, in addition to exploring the possibility of “landing the club in other cities or countries,” reports Efe.

“The club has already become a reference, but we want to reinforce that point with my arrival by organizing intellectual and social events, book presentations, colloquiums between the private and public sectors, between businessmen,” explained the former politician, who has put value his experience in “institutional relations” to support his appointment.

Thus, Rivera has proposed to “turn the club even more into a business hub with a humanistic and professional soul”, which helps its members achieve “human and personal growth”, and to “dignify” the figure of businessmen.

“The current members of the club and those who come will have a professional, educational and business support base to grow,” said the new president of Raheem, who wants the club to act as an “accelerator” in professional relations and personal of its partners.

Rivera was fired from the Martínez Echevarría Law Firm in February 2022, “after two years of repeated contractual breaches,” even though there were still three years left before his contracts expired.

Regarding his political past and the possibility of returning to the institutional front line, Rivera has assured that he left politics “seriously”, and that with this step he is only trying to “take advantage” of his background to “contribute” with it instead of that it becomes “a burden.”

The former leader of Ciudadanos did not want to enter into assessments about the situation of his former party to “be consistent” with his absence on the front line during the last four years, but he has assured that he “respects” the decisions of his former teammates and is ” proud” of his time in the orange formation.