It can be compared with 2.359 the same period of last year. The greatest increase in responding, buying a used car and repair of the car. Individuals who are dissatisfied with the purchase, or repairs of the car dealer and workshop can turn to ARN. The board hears the case and makes a decision and a call to, for example, the car company to replace the customer.

But if the car company ignores this and refuses, the customer must apply to the court to get right.

And to choose the workshop?

Actually it is not. Car dealers and garages connected to the Motorbranschens Riksförbund (MRF) follows almost always the BOARD’s decision.

If not, take the MRF over the liability for compensation.

How often does it happen?

– This has only been a few times, two or three, during the last twenty-two years that I worked at MRF, responds to the Charlie Magnusson, head of corporate communications at USF.

steadily for the engine area of the ARN. In 2015 received 2.112 cases, the year after 2.369, and during the last year 2.522 cases.

Any simple explanation for the increase is not. An explanation could be that it sold more cars.

remember, this is about individuals who are dissatisfied with a company’s performance. When it comes to retail purchases by individuals are no statistics. Then you get to rely on each other.

We ask Motormännen what is the most common complaint from the members car purchase or car repair?

– These two substances tend to be right even in our advice. Our assessment is that there are most questions about the problems in connection with the purchase of a used car. It is Jojobet usually about the buyer detects defects on the car for a short period after the purchase, the answer Heléne Lilja, head of communications at Motormännen which also talks about a recent sad trend:

”outsource” the complaints to a garantiförsäkringsbolag when you sold at, or without cost, including a begagnatgaranti/insurance. This cover, unfortunately, rarely much, and the answer to the buyer’s avhjälpningskrav often becomes no. Thankfully, we see that the practice of the General Complaints means that the sellers, in spite of these attempts are not free from responsibility, consumer law cannot be waived, and the dealers may in the end pay for the cost anyway.

Finally, the concern she one of the additional problems.

” That so many car dealers trying to write themselves free from defects in ad text also creates problems. Your ad will always be a part of the agreement, and is true the item does not agree with what you have agreed on, it is also a manufacturing defect where the consumer has the right to, ” concludes Heléne Lily.

bilförsäljningskoncernerna. There are clear routines for how to handle dissatisfied customers.

Anders Rydheimer, head of marketing and communications, explains that there are many paths for customers to communicate in addition to turn to the vendor/verkstadsmottagare. He counts up customer satisfaction surveys, social media, telephone, letters and e-mails.

– All customers who buy a car get to fill in a customer satisfaction survey. Processavvikelser sent back to the organisation, ” he says and continues:

and we read daily of what is said and written, he says, and underlines that the complaints against Bilia reduced.

When you are dissatisfied and not come any further with the seller/verkstadsmottagare so is the natural time to sales or the workshop manager called. Running man stuck in the negotiation/discussion where the so takes the kundrelationsansvariga and support managers.

” We’re trying to agree with the customer. We do not, we recommend you to turn to ARN, ” continues Anders Rydheimer.

and follow the judgments of the ARN. Bilia is sure to follow up the things that brought the dissatisfaction of a customer and self-critically take in the knowledge in the organization, according to Anders Rydheimer that ends with:

– We need to be better – we are not the cheapest.