The library in Marum has been nominated as one of the top five libraries in the Netherlands. This nomination came after the library underwent a significant transformation. Previously located in an old, leaky, and cold building, the library has now moved to a new, spacious, and bright building in the center of Marum. The coordinator of the library, Ietje Elich, mentioned that the move has led to a significant increase in membership, with 250 new members joining within a year.

The new location has made the library more visible and accessible to the community. In addition to borrowing books, visitors can now participate in various activities such as yoga classes, painting workshops, Dutch language lessons, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. The collaboration with social work organization De Schans, which is also located in the same building, has created a welcoming space for people to socialize and engage in different activities.

Elich has been actively promoting the library’s activities, including coffee mornings and film nights, to attract a wider audience. The library has become a hub for community engagement, where people can connect, learn, and relax. Despite being one of the smaller libraries in Groningen, the manager of the libraries, Ilona Ebels, recognized the valuable role the Marum library plays in the community and nominated it for the prestigious award.

While Elich remains modest about the library’s chances of winning the title of the best library in the Netherlands, she acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the staff in creating a vibrant and inclusive space for the community. The recognition itself is a testament to the positive impact the library has had since its relocation.

As the voting for the Best Library in the Netherlands continues, the Marum library stands as a shining example of how a small community library can make a big difference in people’s lives. The transformation from a neglected building to a thriving community hub is a true success story that deserves to be celebrated. Whether or not the library wins the title, its impact on the community is already a win in itself.