Renzo and Diane, residents of Santpoort, raised practical obstacles during a meeting with the local council regarding the proposed location for flex homes and a possible asylum seekers’ center (azc). Renzo pointed out that there are existing cables underground at the proposed site, making it unsuitable for any construction, including flex homes or a parking lot. This information came to light through the flex homes project, indicating that an azc might not be feasible there either.

The councilor, Smeets, responded by stating that the azc at Paramaribostraat is not confirmed yet, but rather an option being considered for further investigation. If it turns out that the site is not suitable, alternative locations such as De Elta and Handgraaf will be explored. This decision is crucial as it may impact the council’s communication with the provincial authorities regarding the azc placement.

On the other side of Santpoort, Fokko Ringersma, a member of the Stichting Samen Santpoort-Zuid, expressed concerns about the council’s handling of the azc issue. He believes that all three proposed locations, including Paramaribostraat, De Elta, and Handgraaf, are unsuitable for accommodating two hundred asylum seekers. Ringersma fears that the council might prioritize the less favorable locations to justify their decision.

Following the news of a potential azc, Renzo and Diane’s WhatsApp group, consisting of over a hundred and fifty neighbors, became active with discussions and concerns. The lack of uniform communication from the council regarding the azc proposal also sparked outrage among residents who felt left out of the loop.

Diane mentioned that the neighborhood’s sentiments regarding the azc proposal are still unclear as they have not had the opportunity to discuss it thoroughly. The community plans to address this matter in the coming week to understand each other’s perspectives and concerns better.

The council aims to provide more clarity on the preferred location for the azc by October, taking into account the feedback and practical considerations raised by the residents. The decision-making process will involve thorough evaluation and consultation to ensure that the chosen site aligns with the needs and concerns of the community.