A tragic car accident in France has resulted in the death of at least seven people near Chartres. One of the cars caught fire, and five young individuals in that vehicle were burned and did not survive. All the victims lived in the area, making the incident even more heartbreaking. Three cars were involved in the accident in total. The car carrying the five young people collided with a Citroën C4, which had an elderly couple inside. Unfortunately, the elderly couple also did not survive the crash. The occupants of the third car, a 23-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man, sustained injuries. One of them is in critical condition and both have been taken to the hospital for treatment. The accident occurred around 7:00 PM yesterday on a regional road near the town of Bailleau-le-Pin. Emergency services responded quickly, with 43 firefighters on the scene and a trauma helicopter dispatched. According to French authorities, the young victims were aged 19 and 20, while the elderly individuals were 85 and 90 years old. A witness reported that the car carrying the young people was speeding, causing the driver to lose control and collide with the elderly couple’s Citroën. The mayor of Bailleau-le-Pin, Martial Lochon, described the accident as “terrible.” He expressed the community’s sense of powerlessness and devastation, stating that seven families have been shattered and life will never be the same again. All the victims were from a region within 10 to 15 kilometers of the crash site, according to Lochon. He mentioned that one of the victims was an 18-year-old who was an only child, making the situation even more tragic for the parents. Authorities are investigating the circumstances that led to the accident to determine what went wrong.