Defence and the municipality of Staphorst have decided to come together to discuss the possibility of expanding the ammunition storage at the Gorterlaan and whether there are possibilities for storing more bombs and grenades within the current area, as stated by councilor Lucas Mulder. Initially, Staphorst was being considered by Defence to potentially expand the ammunition depot. However, in a more definitive report, the municipality was suddenly left out. Councilor Lucas Mulder expressed his surprise at this turn of events. He was promised a meeting which never took place, but now both parties have agreed to sit down and discuss the matter.

Staphorst is not keen on storing additional bombs and grenades if it means hindering housing development or impacting recreation and tourism. Increasing the amount of ammunition would likely result in safety restrictions, which is undesirable. The municipality had previously communicated this concern to Defence. However, it may be possible to reconfigure the ten-hectare ammunition depot in Staphorst to allow for more storage without jeopardizing other plans.

The local council had instructed the Mayor and Aldermen of Staphorst to engage in discussions with Defence regarding this matter. While the meeting did not happen initially, it is now scheduled. The local politicians had expressed their willingness to take responsibility in light of the global situation. There is a possibility that Staphorst could benefit from increased ammunition storage. Having more bombs and grenades transported through local roads could lead to improvements in infrastructure funded by The Hague.

On the contrary, in the neighboring municipality of Dalfsen, the situation is different. Last Thursday, the Mayor and Aldermen were informed by Defence that they are looking for a location in this municipality for a large-scale ammunition depot. Unlike Staphorst, Dalfsen was not mentioned in the initial plans. Councilor André Schuurman of the municipality of Dalfsen expressed feeling caught off guard and finding it challenging to assess the implications at the moment. They were informed last Thursday by Defence about the search for a location in Dalfsen for an ammunition depot. This was the first time they were made aware of these plans. They have requested clarification from Defence and are awaiting more information to make informed decisions on the next steps to take.