Green, the former chairman of the dare between disease leave come to celebrate the Finnish independence, the presidential palace, and it’s not about anyone off, to write a newspaper newsman Anni saastamoinen foundation.May the Wave has been on sick leave for burnout and depression. Tommi Parkkonen

(gr) walk to the presidential palace celebrations in quite casually, shake hands with the and joined the celebrations. How dare he, the sick man, considered the comments field along the internet.

Maybe these commenters ‘ view, the depressed supposed to close forever his chambers, and never again face the world. Unfortunately, too many seriously depressed this happens, because the disease itself can strangle people to live offspring and have a fear the whole world. Then on the count is still the stigma of weight, which can be afraid of the country throughout the illness identification and recognition.

When physically seriously ill people recover and get out, is it a cause for celebration. When the broken leg is removed from the plaster and people will be able once again Tümbet to pass kepeit, is it a cause for celebration. Why a broken mind ehjemmäksi infected people ought to be ashamed of and hide for the rest of his life?

the mps May wave of mind-healing should rejoice, not resent.

Depression is not prehensile in disease, and does not require quarantine. If depression sick people at all tired and is able to remove the home out, it is encouragement and praise worthy deed, and not the cause of evil-minded rutinalla. When your mind tired and your legs will carry you, social situations and human encounters will improve the quality of life significantly.

the Wave was not only the independence day celebrations the guests, with a depression diagnosis. Also paraurheilija Ronja Oja has been talking about depression, but his arrival to the party did not provoked a similar outcry. And unfortunately, the independence day celebrations marking called 1700 guests there is definitely more of a depression diagnosis. And there those people just employment, employment, employment were celebrating.

the institute for Health and welfare statistics tell us that every fifth finn affected her life during the depression. Depression is among us, so common a disease, that wave in the face of criticism it seems incredible.

mental disorders are one of the unfortunate taboo, which belongs to break. Depressed people can recover, if well used. Depressed people can depression despite also exercise, meet people, and – goddamn it – even happy things. Even participate in the party – and that’s good, because it promotes recovery.