In France there are protests and riots, but the President makes himself scarce. There was fierce criticism. Tonight, he now holds a speech to his people, he “wants to announce concrete measures”.

The French President Emmanuel Macron reacts to the ongoing protests. After he had last addressed at the end of November in a speech to his people, he wants to do it again.

told a Meeting with unions

As of the Elysee Palace Macron Betmarino hold in the evening at 20 PM in a speech to the Nation. Prior to that, he will meet with representatives of trade unions, employers ‘ associations and of the national Assembly and the Senate.

The protest movement of the “yellow West” demonstrating for weeks against Macrons policy. Trigger a scheduled increase in the fuel was originally expensive. Meanwhile, the “yellow West” but for all other matters on the street: taxing the Rich, raising the minimum wage, or even the resignation Macrons are required. The protests repeatedly escalated, many of the “yellow West” to distance themselves explicitly from violence.