Bruce Springsteen is, as you know, born to run, but he’s going nowhere. The giant goes backwards.

He has not released a real studio album since 2012. And not a significantly since ’Tunnel of Love’ from 1987. Yes, it is 31 years ago.

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When the old masters typewriters fail, then they start often to pass the time with something else. Springsteen wrote the autobiography ’Born to Run’, and with a starting point in the book, he has the last year listed a onemanshow in the intimate setting of the Broadway.

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The no less than 236. and the last performance will take place 15. december, where koncertfilmen ’Springsteen On Broadway’ at the same time unleashed on Netflix, but already the day before the is published the recording as a live album.

It is roughly as difficult to get through as his memories. And with a playing time of two and a half hours feels the plate as drawn-out.

69-year-old Springsteen has selected 16 songs, which not so surprisingly are mostly from before 1990, but most of the time goes to expose his life as a baptist minister, who diligently reads from a teleprompter.

Restbet the Legend has always been a sharp observer and gifted analyst, and he’s also on the ’Springsteen On Broadway’, where, however, he appears to sleep and locked in the carefully choreographed performance, which basically goes against the rock’n’rolls-the unruly creature.

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Veteranens voice is worn. The same is his flat, acoustic versions of nøglenumrene ’Thunder Road’, ’Dancing in the Dark’ and ’Born to Run’. It is as if he has played the life out of them.

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He reinvents ’Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ in a glorious pianoversion, and ‘Tougher Than the Rest’ is also successful, apart from his wife, Patti Scialfa, sounds like a mix of Emmylou Harris and a rusty garden gate in the choir.

’Springsteen On Broadway’ reinforces the impression of a sejtrækker, which has emptied itself. Next year he plans to publish the new album, and it is the very last chance for a man who apparently has run out of road.

the Cover to the first single from the album ‘Springsteen On Broadway’, which lasts for the entire 150 minutes and contains 16 songs.