It took a bit, but now VW has found an answer to the Boom of small SUVs and brings in the spring and the Renault Captur and co. the new T-Cross position. As Polo in the pampas he should make his contribution, the share of SUV in the VW-paragraph is soon to be at 50 percent – and, of course, the sales increases.

In the struggle against the backwardness of the sets VW, especially on inner values: The high Seating position, there is also a good Portion of that variability, so the passenger seat can be set as standard flat and the rear bench, at least for a surcharge to 14 inches of move. So can ride with only 4,11 meters in length and 2.56 metres and a wheelbase of either two adults, at least in the rear, or the T-Cross is a Variant with at least 385 to 1281 litres of loading volume to a fashionable development of the Polo. Even the twelve inches longer, but very much more athletic-cut T-Roc he is in.

For VW unusually colorful

more Surprising than the sense of Everyday fashion consciousness, however, is the VW here. Because while the Polo is as exciting as a blood pressure lowering drug, will be the T-Cross to the pulse accelerator, and it is thus for VW unusually colorful: Colored rims, twelve paint tones in the compartments, contrast paint finishes and eye-catching stick-on tattoos to make the Laggards to catch the eye, says design chief, Klaus Bischoff, who was also in the shape of something naughty than the Polo.

The T-Cross is not drawn, therefore, is only five inches longer and considerably more beefy than his good brother, he also has a proud grille, which merges with the headlamps and striking taillights that are connected with a red reflector tape. And also inside, it goes with the color of joy: that is Why there are colorful consoles around the digital Cockpit with a big Touchscreen next to it, surprisingly “naughty” seat covers and colorful stitching.

platform prevents all-wheel drive

So refreshing in colour and suitable for everyday use, Deneme Bonusu the small site is-goers, so little Surprises can be experienced however, when Driving, when compared to the Polo except for the center of gravity, the weight and the suspension, basically, nothing has changed. Because of the axles, steering and powertrains are identical, and so feels derT-Cross at the first exit with the pretty final prototype also: good-natured, grown-up and a little bit boring.

at Least with the four-turbo engines: three petrol engines and a Diesel. Both the 1.0 TSI three-cylinder gasoline engine with a gasoline particulate filter strips 95 HP or 115 HP. Top model is the 1.5-TSI four-cylinder with 150 HP. The range is completed by a 1.6 TDI four-cylinder with 95 HP. “All of the engines meet the latest emission standard, Euro 6d-Temp”, highlights VW.

The adventure for SUV of this variety is most of the time in the city.

there are later, depending on customer requirements and CO2 requirements, perhaps even a natural gas variant, and with a little luck, maybe even a GTI. However, an Option will not be offering the wolf Burger for all the money in the world (and to the Annoyance of the Swiss customers) – the allradan rubbed. Because as the first SUV of VW in the T-Cross has to manage with front-wheel drive. “All-wheel drive is not provided on the A0 platform, and would not have been in the given price frame represented,” says Assembly Manager Andreas Krüger and not think this is a disadvantage. Firstly, the all-wheel drive is also missing in most competitors, such as the successful Renault Captur, the Peugeot 2008 or the Spanish Cousin of Arona Seat. And secondly, the adventure for SUV of this variety is anyway most of the time in the city, where the streets are paved, all, and in the Winter cleared.

The prices for Switzerland are not fixed yet but in Germany VW with the same base motorization compared to a normal Polo to a charge of 700 Euro. In view of the increased attractiveness of a reasonable charge.

of Course, the managers know in Wolfsburg, you come back late. But they come with a concentrated load. And there is much to suggest that, as in the case of the Tiguan, Touran, and all the other late starters, VW confirmed a Golden rule: he Who laughs last, laughs best.

(editing Tamedia)

Created: 29.10.2018, 17:53 PM