The CDU aims to the German environmental aid: No more money from the Federal government calls for the party, and an examination of the non-profit status. Behind the Offensive for the duration of the dispute to Diesel-driving bans.

The CDU takes the offensive, the German environmental aid (DUH) into the visor. The delegates to the party conference decided in Hamburg two applications: The first aims at the financing of the organization, the second on their non-profit Status.

When it comes to the CDU, Süperbahis the DUH will receive no money from the budget of the Federal government – and as quickly as possible. In application number One, it means that both the Federal government and the CDU group should encourage “the fact that budget and off-budget funds, which have not yet been prohibited to be bound will be provided with a lock flag, and in the future house any more money for DUH be included”.

An even sharper attack request number Two. The provides for the Review of the charitable status of environmental assistance. The decision of whether the benefit to the public, but knows that would be taken by the tax office. You could have, among other things, a result of the tax deductibility of donations to the DUH.