Santiago Gimenez is currently preparing for the Copa America with Mexico. Just before leaving for his trip abroad and vacation, the Feyenoord forward reflected extensively on the past season. He is satisfied with his performance and disagrees with the opinions that he has been out of form in recent months. Gimenez shared his thoughts in a detailed interview in the latest Feyenoord Magazine.

“I honestly believe that Feyenoord had a good season. Personally, I think I performed well because I scored more goals and provided more assists than last season. Maybe we fell slightly short of becoming champions, but that was mostly due to PSV’s performance,” said the 23-year-old Gimenez. “They had a fantastic season. However, we also did well. As the second-place team in the league, we earned a lot of points.”

Securing the second spot grants access to Champions League football, which is crucial for Feyenoord. Additionally, the season concluded with a major triumph by winning the TOTO KNVB Cup. “Don’t forget about that. Every footballer dreams of playing in finals, and the final against N.E.C. was another dream come true for me. Winning the cup was one of the highlights of my career, absolutely.”

Gimenez experienced a decline in his goal-scoring performance in the second half of the season. Despite this, he refuses to attribute it to a loss of form. “No, I felt and still feel good, and I continued to work hard. So, I don’t think I was out of form. However, I must admit, the missed penalty against RKC Waalwijk in November was a mistake that I deeply regret.”

“I thought it wouldn’t have many consequences because I’m someone who can move on from the past and always looks forward. But missing that penalty affected me more than I anticipated, and I felt more pressure in the following matches. It wasn’t right to take that penalty that way. My goal was to be at the top of the penalty takers’ list. When I finally got there, I took that penalty in such a foolish manner, it was unacceptable.”

“My father scolded me, and of course, I heard similar words from many others, but the most important thing is that I now realize it was wrong. It did affect my confidence, but isn’t it normal to make mistakes? I have acknowledged this error, and I see it as a great lesson from God. He showed me that I need to take football seriously and that I am not the type of person who does these things. I think that’s the most important thing.”

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In related news, Gimenez recently tied the knot with Serrano and faced a loss with Mexico against Brazil in stoppage time.