Breskens faced a tough defeat against Hoeven in a recent soccer match, marking the end of their season. The game took place in Wemeldinge, and Breskens, led by Soufian Dooms, struggled to keep up with their opponents. Missing their top scorer, Joris Corijn, who was on vacation, Breskens found themselves at a disadvantage from the start.

The match began at 12:00 pm, due to the Dutch national team playing later in the day, and the weather conditions were challenging with heavy rain making the field slippery. Both teams found it difficult to play their usual passing game, but it was clear that Hoeven had the upper hand. They created several scoring opportunities, with Breskens relying on their goalkeeper, Thijs van Houte, to keep them in the game.

After a goalless first half, Braspenning from Hoeven scored two quick goals early in the second half, putting Breskens in a tough position. Despite managing to pull one goal back through a deflected free-kick by Laurens Reynvoet, Breskens conceded two more goals, including a penalty, sealing their fate with a final score of 4-1 in favor of Hoeven.

The defeat means that Breskens will be relegated from the third division, a disappointing outcome for the team. Captain Jurgen Pertijs managed to score a penalty for Breskens, but it was not enough to turn the tide of the game. The players expressed their disappointment at the result, as they had hoped to secure their spot in the higher division.

Overall, it was a challenging match for Breskens, who struggled to cope with the absence of their key player and the strong performance of their opponents. Despite their efforts to make a comeback in the second half, they were unable to match the dominance of the Hoeven team. As they reflect on this defeat, Breskens will be looking to regroup and come back stronger in the next season.