Feyenoord has once again provided FC Dordrecht with an assistant coach for the upcoming season. After hiring Melvin Boel as head coach, Rick Adjei is now joining the team as well. The 40-year-old coach is coming from SteDoCo and will be replacing Pascal Bosschaart.

Adjei will be seconded to FC Dordrecht by Feyenoord as part of their collaboration and will dedicate himself fully to the club in the upcoming season. “There are some exciting challenges awaiting at FC Dordrecht, and I would like to contribute to achieving them. I am also looking forward to working with head coach Melvin Boel, the rest of the staff, and of course, the players,” he said.

Despite his young age, Rick Adjei has a wealth of experience in the top levels of amateur football and is now making the transition to professional football,” said Mark Ruijl, Head of Global Football at Feyenoord. “We believe that he can bring great value to the team as Melvin’s assistant, with his fresh perspective on football, coupled with a lot of energy and ambition.”

When Adjei ended his career as a footballer in 2014, he immediately transitioned into coaching. He worked as a youth coach at Achilles Veen from 2013 to 2015. After that, he became the head coach at GVV Unitas in Gorinchem and made the move to Kozakken Boys in the summer of 2019.

Since 2022, Adjei has been in charge at SteDoCo, where he led the team in 76 matches. On June 24, the assistant coach will be on the field for the first time with FC Dordrecht, as they kick off their first training session.

In addition to his coaching experience, Adjei’s passion for the game and dedication to player development make him a valuable addition to FC Dordrecht’s technical staff. With his background in both youth and senior coaching, he brings a well-rounded perspective to the team.

His focus on teamwork, strategy, and player improvement will be instrumental in helping FC Dordrecht achieve their goals for the upcoming season. Adjei’s arrival is sure to bring a fresh perspective and new energy to the team as they prepare for the challenges ahead.