De Treffers made some notable signings for the upcoming season, including defender Julius Kok and goalkeeper Nino Walbeek. Julius Kok, a 21-year-old central defender, joins De Treffers from Jong Almere City, where he played 32 games in the Tweede Divisie last season. He started his football career at VVO in Velp and spent ten years in the youth academy of De Graafschap. Julius expressed his excitement about joining De Treffers, highlighting the club’s reputation as one of the most successful amateur clubs in the Netherlands. He looks forward to further developing his skills and potentially catching the eye of professional clubs while pursuing a degree in business administration.

Standing at nearly 2 meters tall, Julius Kok is confident in his abilities as a versatile defender who excels in both defensive and offensive headers. He is determined to work hard and become a key player for De Treffers, aiming for the top spot in the Tweede Divisie. With a strong focus on achieving his dream of playing professional football, Julius remains open to the possibility of transitioning to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie in the future.

In addition to Julius Kok, De Treffers also secured the services of goalkeeper Nino Walbeek from sv TEC. Nino, aged 22, made 17 appearances for TEC last season and is excited about the opportunity to join De Treffers. He praised the club’s professional facilities and sees this move as a significant step forward in his career. Despite having other options, Nino chose to accept the offer from De Treffers due to the club’s prestigious status in amateur football.

Nino Walbeek, standing at 1.92 meters tall, describes himself as a fearless goalkeeper who dominates his penalty area. His impressive performance in a penalty shootout against DOVO caught the attention of many, showcasing his shot-stopping abilities. Nino is determined to compete for a starting position at De Treffers and is prepared to give his all in training to prove his worth to the team.

Looking ahead to the new season, both Julius Kok and Nino Walbeek are eager to contribute to De Treffers’ success. With high aspirations for the team, including a potential league title, the players are committed to working hard and pushing themselves to reach new heights. Their dedication to the sport, coupled with their talent and determination, make them valuable additions to the De Treffers squad as they prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in the Tweede Divisie.