Connie Witteman, also known as Vanessa, is making a comeback in the music industry after more than twenty years away from the stage. She is set to perform at the Milkshake Festival on July 26 and will also close out Pride with a performance on the Dam a few days later. Connie expressed her excitement about returning to the stage, mentioning that she has revamped her old songs with a fresh new sound that she is eager to share with her fans.

However, amidst her comeback preparations, Connie found herself in a feud with fellow singer Patricia Paay. Patricia claimed that Connie never actually sang her own songs, which greatly upset Connie. She defended herself by stating that her voice on records from 1982 is the same as the one people hear when she speaks today. Connie was clearly bothered by Patricia’s comments, calling them “petty” and expressing her frustration at being doubted.

This conflict is not the first between the two divas. There have been talks for years about Connie, Patricia, and Patty Brard collaborating on a project together. While Connie seemed open to the idea, Patricia made it clear that she had no interest in working with them. This difference in opinion led to tension between the singers, with Connie feeling deceived by Patricia’s public statements.

Despite the ongoing feud, Connie remains focused on her upcoming performances and the opportunity to reconnect with her fans through music. She is determined to prove her critics wrong and show that she is indeed the talented singer she has always claimed to be. As she prepares to step back into the spotlight, Connie is ready to leave the drama behind and let her music speak for itself.