The car traffic in Germany, the burden on the environment is becoming more and more of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. The Federal Statistical office attributes this to the fact that there are more and more cars with ever more powerful engines. As a result, the effects fizzle out, the progress made in flue gas cleaning and more efficient drives. the

According to the Federal Statistical office emissions rose last year to 115 million tonnes of CO₂. This is 6.4 percent more than in 2010. There are two main reasons: There are more and more cars, and new car customers often choose models with powerful engines. Since 2010, the number of cars has grown by ten percent to nearly 46 million. This increase comes almost exclusively due to the additional diesel vehicles (+35.1 percent), while the number of diesel only marginally by 0.7 percent has increased. The total mileage of the fleet increased by nine percent.

What has also a negative impact on the environmental balance: customers purchase primarily high-performance diesel vehicles. On average in the past year, newly registered cars had a motor power of 111 kW (151 PS). In the year Betorder 2010 for new cars for an average of 96 kW (130 HP). The emissions of carbon dioxide by the car transport wagon with more than one hundred kilowatts are now more than half responsible.

has consumption changed Little change in the level of consumption

Little the average. This decreased in the case of petrol engines slightly by 4.0 percent to 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The Diesel consumed with a capacity of 6.8 litres, although a little less than the diesel, but still exactly the same as in the fleet average by 2010. The absolute fuel consumption of all cars has increased in the eight years 5.7% to 46,35 billion liters.

According to calculations by the Federal office for the environment caused by the Emission of one Tonne of carbon dioxide is not well-balanced damage of around 180 Euro, for example, through loss of production, loss of crop or damage to buildings and infrastructure. For the car traffic in 2017, the € 20.7 billion.