Omnia and the Garage to get the chain between the collaboration began this fall.Car mechanical mesh is sorely lacking.Garage and Omnia form a new learning environment in Espoo.Motivated students can now be completed flexibly directly to the workplace.Supervisor Tapio lehto breast presents automatic gearbox maintenance the fully automatic Liqui Moly GearTronic II -oil change using your device.

do you Need your car’s periodic maintenance? Are you able to leave the car for service a little longer than usual period of time?

in This example situation, which is the only benefit. The customer can take their car for servicing to the workshop, the students check the car, report any defects to the customer, make a repair plan, repair the car and billing.

Time to work can go a little more than usual, but the decline is then smaller than usual.

the arrangement has been possible since last autumn, when the Espoo region training consortium Omnia and atoy group managed by the Garage-repair shop chain, joined forces. Thus was born the Omnia premises in espoo’s suomenoja for the training workshop. This cooperation is called the atoy group-Garage Academy.

Both sides are satisfied with the cooperation and look to the future with confidence.

the automotive sector is a chronic shortage of labor. We want to provide a motivating learning environment of the future for authors, said the Omnia training chief Kenneth Nordstrom .

Autofit-chain approach Omniaa cooperation about a year ago. The aim was that the car mechanic students can be trained directly on the brand under for the garage.

– the Field is sorely lacking part of the Venüsbet mechanic, and the industry is developing at such a furious pace that the systems has a good feel already from the beginning of studies, said the atoy group Automotive Finland Oy, marketing manager Kari Melkkilä .

atoy group-Garage Academy students diagnosed the car engine to the oscilloscope. Intensive study in small groups

office of the atoy group-Garage the academy’s first group of students started last September. One group selected 6-8 students who work in the institution premises located in the training workshop as a team of three to four months. The work done in the teacher’s guidance.

– All participating students must be highly motivated and able to work together. In a small group they receive effective instruction, skills will come faster, students graduate in a flexible and enter the business world, Nordstrom reasons.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the chain’s internal training. I saw the Garage to get ready to be run in the staff. Also Omnia teachers have the opportunity to receive technical support and supplement their own knowledge atoy group technical training courses.

on the Same line is also Melkkilä.

– for those who are studying atoy group-Garage to the Academy, the workplace is relatively sure, because they also perform-the-job learning period in our supply chain workshops, Melkkilä fix.

in Practice, the training workshop, students are doing everything themselves. They took the cars themselves against, investigate and fix them and deliver to the customer. When the student has gained sufficient practice, he does still demonstrate competency chain of the second workshop.

in September, the studies started are going to a professional display of the next January. In the beginning of the workshop to start another student outfit.

the Students are very motivated and they have a great desire to learn. Interest in this approach has been also elsewhere in Finland. For us it is important to ensure students a smooth transition to working life, said Kari Melkkilä.