21. April 1992-the first Bravo Hits appeared. It has 16 favourite song of the “Bravo”-readers – Dr. Alban to Depeche Mode.

The very first Bravo Hits today collectors up to 200 francs in value. Some separate, but also from the CDs: the first hundred Bravo Hits can be bought. As of 1200 francs.

No other Act ended up so often on the Bravo Hits, such as the dead pants: “Everything” is happening, the 31. Song. He appeared this February on the Bravo Hits 100.

One of the many Songs of the dead pants, which ended up on the compilation: “Everything happens”. Video: YouTube/die Toten Hosen

Two million Times in the summer of 1999 Bravo Hits 29 sold. The absolute record. Today an issue Taraftarium is selling about a Million Times.

All of the previous Bravo Hits landed in Switzerland in the Charts. The most successful of the Bravo Hits 2015 was: she was 23 weeks in the Charts. Also in Germany the CD has increased since the third output is always of course 1.

One of the Hits on the Bravo Hits 2015: “Sugar” by Robin Schulz. Video: YouTube/Warner Music Germany

The publisher describes the series as an entry-level medium for the “young audiences, and a collector’s piece for “Bravo”-the generations of bygone years”. He is not Worried that Spotify & co. will replace the Bravo Hits.

Formerly opened, the CD-stores extra early, so the children were able to buy before the start of School the latest Bravo Hits. The not happening today.

Fr — 23
Kanzleistr. 56
admission is CHF 15


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