Have you ever seen, in addition to your children’s gavehøst christmas eve and thought that all the money could have be spent better than in the Cousin of BR?

Some of them could for example be saved up – for a day end up as a down payment on an apartment, a trip, or just a good economic foundation for the child to start adult life.

If you dare to run the risk that the children call you boring (or worse), is it worth it to know Fenomenbet that you from this year can put 6,000 dollars on a børneopsparing. So far, the ceiling remained at 3,000 annually. In everything can now be saved 72.000 dollars up on this special horizontal layout against the previous maximum at 36,000 dollars, that is, a doubling.

Presents work

the advantage of an børneopsparing is that interest rates, running – or return the money, if you choose to invest them – are tax-exempt in the up to 21 years, the savings rate of the maximum run.