Mr Cantz, understand the people today fun in that?

More than ever. I believe that everyday life is, in part, become so serious and selfish, that people are happy if they are allowed to be entertained and laugh. I experience that in my solo program and also in front of the camera.

“do you Understand fun?”, there are soon 40 years, and the people tune in on Saturday night still. Why does this show?
When quite a young audience, we are extremely successful, as the most recent Format on the Saturday evening in the First. YouTube helps us a lot, even though it is actually regarded as a great competition to watch TV. Our YouTube channel has over 600 million views and more than 850 000 subscribers. A lot of children to watch our movies in there. We try to have in the Show something for everyone. We want to bring the families together in front of the TV. This is not an easy task, but everyone can.

“do you Understand fun?” with the time?
the Genre of hidden camera is the world still very successful. “Do you understand fun?” is the mom, I think it’s great that we age gracefully. We have made us the last of April fresh with a new Studio and a large LED wall. We have rejuvenated what you see to our guests. I think the theme of Schadenfreude and hidden camera will be in 30 years. The viewers want to know how a celebrity is not responding enter if he knows that he is filmed.

there Are Gags that couldn’t do 40 years ago, which would not be conceivable today – and Vice versa?
Technically you can implement today. The “Understand Fun?”-Inventor Kurt Felix has shot films with just a camera. Today, we turn complex movies with eight or ten cameras and a few smaller ones. With button-hole cameras, which can better hide, we have completely different possibilities, also the quality is different. A good idea that has worked 40 years ago, still work today. For example, Kurt Felix is gone at that time Nakitbahis with a pattern to passers-by and asked her for directions. The people have shown him on this pattern where he must go, because they thought it would be a map of the city. Today, you would see maybe on your phone, but the joke would still work.

How to deal with stereotypes?
of Course, humour works very often with clichés, that’s why he also works in many cases. Because you have to watch more today, for example, what role can I play in a mask, which I’ve experienced already. But there will always be people who feel stepped on their Toes.

talk to the Film two years ago, after the racism accusations, because you came up with man made up dark skin of his Studio in a Show.
It was not the intention to discredit someone or clichés to unpack, but originally to confuse the presenter Röbi Koller has and to surprise. The Person he had in the photo seen – a white South African, should come in the shipment – was not the Person who came on the stage. We want to bring the people with “do you Understand fun?” you Laugh and not hurt anyone.

it Is difficult to inspire children with Gags that are familiar with from television and the Internet, a lot of Action?
I have the impression that children are still very intrigued by the show. You like that children, adults, or adults in place of each other. I make sure that we maintain a certain amount of etiquette and education. You have to take into account, in terms of Humor, formulations and films. Because we are in comparison to other formats clearly harmless.

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ARD-Show “do you Understand fun?” makes a joke with the “black facing”

Joachim Huber

moderate “Understand fun?” for more than eight years. You will sometimes boring?
In any way. We are in the year four big Shows and a Best Of. The shooting is always different. I can play many roles, we have different guests and Surprises for the Studio audience. The Show is very varied and makes me a lot of joy. I would like to do even longer.