three years Ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attached to him personally, the badge on the shoulder flap, the Roni reported Alsheich henceforth, as the new chief of police of Israel. At the time, was for the politicians of the right, Likud is obviously not clear that he had chosen with Alsheich not a loyal follower for this important Post, but someone who seriously meant what he said on his appointment: “I am not on the left or right side, but on that of the law.”

That got Netanyahu to feel quickly, because the chief of police not only allowed an investigation against the head of government because of corruption suspicion in several cases, but left him more than ten times to hear. In a case, acceptance of gifts, in two other cases, in order to get positive coverage in exchange for favors. In all three cases, there is according to the findings Alsheichs enough evidence for embezzlement, bribery and other offences. His last recommendation was Alsheich on Sunday – this was also his last day of work.

That the government wants to get rid of the chief, was the latest in sight since February, as the Alsheich the first indictment-reaching recommendations to the attorney General of far, the final decision is. As transpired, that he would remain the usual extension for at least a fourth year, failed, said the 55-Year-old publicly: If he had to give up his values, then he is relieved anyway dear. Another Time, the otherwise restrained Alsheich in the spring to the Public: Casinovale “Very powerful forces” could have hired private detectives, which were snuffling around the investigators in the Case of Netanyahu stepped. Who was meant by “very powerful”, had to explain to the chief of police.

As the Grand Inquisitor and left putschist he was insulted by Netanyahu and his supporters. It would Alsheich be used as a figurehead for the settler movement: The son of a Yemeni immigrant and a mother with Moroccan roots grew first in Jerusalem, but spent from the age of eight, to his time in Qiryat Arba, a stronghold of the radical settler movement in Hebron in the West Bank. Later, he lived in the settlement of Kochav Shachar in the West Bank, meanwhile, the father of seven children with his wife, has settled down in a religious community in Israel’s Central area. Alsheich orthodox is, his trademark is the crocheted Kippa, he puts only rarely is a police cap.

In the domestic intelligence service Shin Bet brought it Alsheich to the Deputy head. The beefy Moustache, is regarded as a good-natured, until you irritate him. His political science studies at the universities of Haifa and Tel Aviv, he graduated with Summa cum Laude and completed additional studies in criminology and Management in Israel and the United States.

What he will do in the future, don’t know Roni Alsheich. Netanyahu definitely has not redeemed his promise to him after the police hauled to the top of the domestic intelligence service.

(editing Tamedia)

Created: 05.12.2018, 08:49 PM