the island of Bornholm will be a green and sustainable in the island, and a part of the process is to get more charging points for electric cars.

on Wednesday, 24. June, the deputy mayor Morten Riis (Island), and Thomas Møller Thomsen, adm. director of FDM, the island’s 11 new charging points for electric cars.

Thus it has become easier for both citizens and tourists to drive the green on the island of Bornholm. For Bornholm, it’s a big day and a new major step in decades of efforts to be a green and sustainable island.

It writes the FDM in a press release.

the Establishment of the new charging points have been to with a financial contribution from the EU-project CAR (Creating Automotive Renewal), which has as goal to push for the deployment of electric powered transport in the south baltic sea area.

THE CAR has covered connection fees as well as the electrical and general contracting, while the FDM as the operator of the new network of charging points, stands for operation and maintenance. It Serves contribute to the establishment of the infrastructure for the publicly available charging points, such as the construction of parking spaces.

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– It is of great importance for the island of Bornholm, that today we have been able to expand our el ladestruktur with 11 new stands, which can be used by all. Thus do we make it more attractive to run the green on the island. We hope and wish that, with these charging points are to motivate both natives and visitors to choose green vehicles. It will benefit the environment and Bornholm heading towards being a green and sustainable island, said the island of Bornholm deputy mayor Morten Riis in connection with the opening of the new charging points.

It does not require subscription or membership of the FDM to use the new network of charging points, which can be freely used by all electric and plug-in hybridbilejere.

With the cooperation between the it Serves, and FDM is the first time at home, to public and private actors come together to establish ladeinfrastruktur – hence the name ’Bornholm-model’. A model, the FDM can see many perspectives.

FDM is with the new network of charging points happy to be with to make it easier and cheaper to drive electric and plug-in hybrid car on the island of Bornholm. We hope, the island of Bornholm can be a model for a national model, where the state or municipalities with a green pool of loans pay for the underground investment, while ladeoperatørerne over a longer period to repay the loan via a sales tax, said Thomas Møller Thomsen at the inauguration.

– It will certainly promote the roll-out into place of charging infrastructure and to provide better competition to the benefit of consumers and society, he said.

With the 11 new charging points have Bornholm in a total of 19 publicly available stands and stands thus with a quite expanded network ready for the future green car use.

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