Should we believe the meteorologists, there will be excellent opportunities for a ski trip in the weekend.

There came a lot of snow in the night, and now we have a new low-pressure system approaching the South of Norway. It provides enough even more snow is in the course of the day, telling the on-duty meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, ” Oftedal Eikill.

SCHEDULED: It is just to frolic in the ski slopes in Trysil. Photo: Anita Moen/ Show more

With the snowfall at several places in the country, there is so snøvær and skiing conditions to enjoy for many.

It is located in many places. In Hemsedal, it is now 23 inches, and in Oslo fell around ten. Some places already have a snødybde of up to 30 centimeters, so one must not go very far up before you get skiing conditions, ” says Oftedal Eikill.

– Clearly to the people wakes up in the morning

moreover, It is not only for the south-Eastern skigleden come, but also further north.

It has come some snow in the Trøndelag and Nordland, but where is it pretty bare along the coast. But further north, in Nordland and in Troms it should be good skiing, ” she says.

Farther north, it looks also good considering the conditions. In Tromsø, Tromsø bydrift preppet a total of ten miles of trails.

” We’ve stepped up today, also it has been snowing a bit since there, so we continue tomorrow morning. In the morning, it is reported good, so it is a great utfart. But it should be clear to the people wakes up and heading out, ensure operations manager Tor Arne Andreassen.

In Trondheim has man made snow made the ski slopes possible in Granåsen page 17. november, but they have also begun prepareringen for real snow.

It came to the part snow in the beginning of this week, so we have been through all løypetraseene with grunnpreparering. There are not trails everywhere, but it is good skøytemuligheter, tells driftsplanlegger in the municipality of Trondheim, Heidi Arnesen.

“Winter wonderland!” the ARRIVE: In the Oslomarka packed ski slopes. Photo: Jonathan Roll/While the Oslo Show more

the Country’s skiing resorts have also not been forecast, and is in full swing with the preparations.

In the first place, we started to unpack, Jestbahis i.e. push the snow down to make a sole. It has not come so terribly much yet, as if we had run out with the scooter and sporsetter there had only been gravel, tells løypesjef in While in Oslo, Hege Blichfeldt Sheriff.

She emphasizes that the conditions have not yet been completely grusfritt, so she recommends to be careful in some places.

– There are trails on smooth ground, and one should perhaps preferably use old skis that can withstand any scratches, and do not be afraid of it sticking up here and there, ” she says.

Also in Hemsedal is snow – possibly to be.

– Here is the “winter wonderland”! On verandarekkverket my there is a 25 centimetres of fresh snow now, reports Richard Taraldsen, managing director for destination Hemsedal.

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EIGHT CENTIMETERS: Fine-grained, light snow packed and rolled with the mat on the Brovoll. Photo: Jarle Jensen/While the Oslo Show more man made snow

Where they have man made snow there that have paved the way for some kilometers of trails already, but with the new snow they can make more.

– There has not been enough villsnø to open their own cross-country ski trails or ski centres, but it is a contribution to the kunstsnøen, and to do that we have been able to spline the trails in the langrennssporene. When it comes even a little sprinkle, so we can quickly open several new kilometres, ” he says.

In san francisco, the situation is also snowy. Johan Swärd is responsible for the cross-country ski trails, and tells you that they’ve had open since the last weekend in October.

It has come pretty good with snow up in the hill, with fine skiing facilities and proper winter roads. We have saved 35 000 cubic metres of snow from last year, and have pulled out the 6.5 km langrennsspor.

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