With his giant slalom victory in Beaver Creek, Stefan Luitz breathing a bottle of Oxygen. This is prohibited according to the regulations, but appears to have been no doping offences. The German ski Federation admits error. You have to rely on the advice of experts. the By Felix Haselsteiner, Val d’isere

Disappointed and obviously upset, Stefan Luitz in the target area of the route from Val d’isère allowed himself to sink to the bottom. Angry, he opened his ski boots and then sat frustrated in the thick snow case. Felix Neureuther came up and patted him encouragingly on the helmet, DSV-Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier pleaded with him. So sad Luitz at this Moment whether the events of the last two days worked, on and off the track, after all, it showed the Cohesion in the German Team, that must have been Friday afternoon with a debate, which you would have rather avoided. It comes to oxygen bottles, Anti-Doping legislation of two different associations, and the possibly incorrect advice of the DSV./p>

But the number after. Almost exactly six days before Stefan Luitz left in the freshly fallen snow of Val d’isere fall, he had celebrated in the giant slalom in Beaver Creek, the most important success of his career. In his first world Cup victory of the unlucky pursued Luitz appeared once at the Olympics just before the medal win failed and, most recently, a year with a cruciate ligament failed – to-be finally arrived at the top. However, the height of the flight should not take too long.


Boldly shakes the Biathlon-order

The 27-Year-old succeed in Pokljuka the race of his life, only Martin Fourcade is faster. Bold shows that he can take the German Team as a supporting role. From Volker Kreisl

On Friday morning, the message made the round that the world Ski Federation Fis determined against the German ski team. Justification: photo – and video material to be surfaced, the show, like Luitz between have taken the passages in Beaver Creek oxygen from a bottle. Oxygen from bottles is used in Alpine skiing, especially while Training in higher elevations. He will serve the Regeneration and injury prevention. In Beaver Creek, where the Start is located at 3152 meters, could have led to an advantage, so at least the accusation of those who find the use of illegitimate.

The world governing body prohibits oxygen bottles for the Competition, according to the document, by 2016

DSV-Alpine Director Wolfgang Maier said on Saturday evening, his view of the events from the race last week. At the request of some athletes had been Wipbet concerned in the team area a bottle of oxygen, because, “some of this Inhale before the run, a little self-confidence,” said Maier of the SZ. The DSV have given anyone anything, but only the runners with a desire to be fulfilled. As Maier saw the bottle, he called from reinsurance three experts, who had confirmed to him that the taking is allowed of oxygen in accordance with the current Anti-Doping rules. Only after Maier had admitted the bottle, “it would have been Easy to remove the within the shortest period of time”, if the experts had referred him to the uncertainty in the regulations.

the fact is, however, that the DSV has made a mistake. “We confess openly,” says Maier, stresses, however, “that it is offense a violation of the rules and not Doping”. This distinction is important in many regards. Breach of a rule would be tantamount to a disqualification for Luitz, a Sanction of the operation as a doping offense would have much more far-reaching consequences. That taking is considered of oxygen, however the latter is unlikely – the increased oxygen content in the blood is undetectable, it would be even samples.The larger question, which has accompanied the debate around the DSV-Team, is from the legislation in the sport of skiing. Wada writes in article M1 2. the so-called “Prohibited List” to oxygen that breathing is allowed, however, points in a Q&A that athletes need to check with their respective associations, these could in fact impose their own rules. The Fis is doing this in fact. It is in a document with the state by 2016, the most recent of the ski Federation, it is forbidden to bring oxygen equipment to race and/or consume oxygen. The investigation of the Wada, in collaboration with a Panel of the FIS is ongoing, said Fis race Director Markus Waldner.

“one can hardly expect that it reads as a driver 90-page Anti-Doping report”, says Marcel Hirscher

On Saturday evening, Maier said, you’ll also tackle then consider, against the penalty, should it be a rule violation, but added: “Should you be accused of Doping, we will fight every legal action. I don’t want to be Doping, because oxygen is not Doping.” Allegations is Maier the experts who he had consulted on last Saturday evening: “I don’t know the rules all, therefore, I must rely on it to be of Anti-Doping Doctors to properly advise.” Further cooperation with these independent experts, concludes Maier.

The attitude to Stefan Luitz among the drivers is very supportive. “Stefan was easily the fastest driver on the day,” said Henrik Kristoffersen. Marcel Hirscher, winner of the giant slalom on Saturday, showed compassion. He pointed out how important it was to be able to rely on their Team: “when people speak of self-responsibility, one can hardly expect that it reads as a driver, then 90 pages of Anti-Doping report. To me it’s very sorry for Stefan.”

Luitz, on Saturday in the giant slalom after a driving mistake in the second race, fell far back, was only short. He also stressed that the verdict of the experts: “In any case, we wanted to make anything forbidden.” In addition, he did not want to use the theme as an excuse to explain to his athletic performance. Mate Felix Neureuther, in Beaver Creek, attempted a cheering up: “As an Athlete, I’m afraid you’re the idiot. I hope it goes well.” The result of the investigation is expected in the next few days.