Unusual sharp, the new group chief rüffelte on Friday the Treasury Minister, in the centre of the allegations is a lack of communication. What else was going on in the Bavarian policy.

Katja Auer

The stade time is upon us, this week, Nicholas was there, but really reflective, it does not go to the Bavarian policy. In the upper Bavarian CSU busy, busy, busy, actually, the most influential district Association there is just something plucked. In the internal elections of the group could not prevail in the upper Bavarian candidate right now is the ranting of a parliamentary leader Thomas Kreuzer, the Commitments have not been complied with, the other to upper Bavaria Head of Ilse Aigner, the lack of enforcement power.

A revolt is not in sight, Aigner will run again in the summer as a district Chairman, but it suggests that eventually other for the Post may be of interest to people that are more closely associated with the Prime Minister and Soon-to-be CSU leader Markus Söder as Ilse Aigner.

More than a hint is now Betasus the crunch, when the voters Free. Hardly in the coalition to get the FW to be felt, firstly, that the Wind of a ruling party blows harder than the Opposition and, secondly, that there are also internal potential for conflict. Hubert Aiwanger, meanwhile, economy Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, is obviously doing more with his One-man policy, just as in the past, much to the Annoyance of the Group’s Chairman, Florian Streibl, complains about the lack of communication.

Only with a, Minister of the environment, Thorsten Glauber namely, operating the well, inform the group on a regular basis. Streibl sets an Ultimatum: Until February the should be even with the other two Ministers better.


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centre is a crisis in the making Without the district Association upper Bavaria, the CSU. At last, however, trenches on cracks and Boss, Ilse Aigner, will not succeed in it, fill them in. To article

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