Movie reviews+ FÖLJVemod as a modern ”Casablanca”Photo: Edge entertainmentPå fleeing from the germans in Marseilles.FILM



Directed by Christian Petzold, Franz Rogowski, Paula Beer, Godehard Giese, Lilien Batman.

A man fleeing Paris when Germany invaded France. Thus, it is the 1940s and the second world war – but still not. We see people in today’s France, with clothing, vehicles, environments.
the Plot is left over from the Anna Segher the novel from 1944. The author escaped by himself from Germany to Paris, to Marseilles and to Mexico, just like the main Mariobet characters in the story want.
In Paris to Georg handing over the letter to an author. They are both germans who left the country. Georg finds the author’s death, and takes some papers. The author has a ready visa and ticket to leave Marseille. Georg decides to take his identity to save his life.
the Author’s wife has left him, but are waiting in the French port city on the ticket. She believes that he is alive. George wants to hide the fact that he has taken her husband’s passport and name. Help a young boy.
Its waiting on a boat to the rescue. Unusual tension between the past and the present, but despite that, we see that it is 2018 feel the history the second world war. As a vemodigare ”Casablanca”.