car Manufacturers are set for difficult technical challenges in order to cope with the increasingly challenging demands of lower emissions. It is Yorkbet particularly difficult with the diesel engine. Admittedly, the more energy-efficient than the equivalent petrol engine, but more difficult to clean from acidifying and harmful nitrogen oxides.

By building in 48 volt mildhybrid in a gasoline engine closer to the diesel low consumption. And any additional the purification of the nitrogen oxides is not required.

for Volvo Cars ‘ decision to go wide on the mildhybrid in their cars – and in the long term, phasing out their diesels.

south Korean Kia takes on the problem with a wider grip. Even their diesels get 48 volts!

Suven Kia Sportage, which is now being released in updated form, is first out. Next year, the petrol version is cleared by Ceed and then a series of other models.

Kia is the first manufacturer to offer the whole range of electrification – from mildhybrid (Sportage) to the pure electric drive (Soul and Niro).

mildhybrid? It is not what Toyota used in the model Prius since the end of the 1990s?

No, the Prius and other Toyotamodeller has a much more advanced system with fullhybrider with the larger battery, and with power enough to propel the car on electricity over shorter distances.

48 volt mildhybrid is simpler, more like an advanced start/stop.

the System of the Kia consists of a stronger starter motor/generator that is coupled with a strap directly to the crankshaft. It allows the diesel to start faster and it also gives an extra boost in acceleration. Furthermore, the recycled energy when it eases on the gas and when it slows to a small battery of 0.46 kWh.

Kia to combine its system with different gearboxes and adapt it to front wheel drive and – as in the provbilen – to four-wheel drive.

you notice no major difference compared with the usual start/stop.

There will be no dramatic effect on emissions and consumption. Kia specifies a four percent reduction under the tougher test cycle WLTP.

In the quiet landsvägsfart goes it’s pretty easy to get down in a half gallon of diesel per mile. But in town, it draws light in weigh, despite the fact that the engine stops every now and then. It is a relatively heavy car, more than 1.8 tonnes, which rolls on 19 inch wheels. The power is distributed to the four wheels through a åttastegad automatic transmission.

Drivpaketet works nicely together. The chairs provide excellent support for the body and there are relatively plenty of elbow room for the legs in the back seat, even behind a tall driver with the pushed back chair.

the Update of the Sportage means, among other things, better soundproofing, revised front with new air inlet vents and the headlamps with led technology. The interior has been spruced up with new steering wheel and revised instruments.

the Car looks good, but it’s getting difficult to differentiate one mid-sized suven from the other. Everyone is betting on just this this car type.