This week throwing the danes out in this year’s big indkøbsfest.

On Friday it is Black Friday, and the Monday after Cyber Monday.

And particularly Black Friday has become the starting point for the many christmas shopping, which can be do in good time.

But just because a portion of many purchases end up under the christmas tree a month later, according to the e-mark good reason to have control of his rights.

Particularly when it comes to the possibility of a claim of damages, which it purchased can have when it gets delivered.

– if the goods Are damaged during transport, it is easier to prove that damage has not happened, while the man himself has been responsible for the, explains to the general counsel Camila Angel Post in a guide from the e-mark.

the Solution is to get packaged product out as soon as possible and checked it for damage.

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another area that must be on the checklist, is the opportunity to swap.

A part of business extends the right to swap, so you can safely give the gift in the knowledge that it can be exchanged after christmas.

But it is not a general right, so you must check what the conditions are in the business, you end up with a to trade with.

also, Remember that it is the store that determines whether you have the right to get the money back.

And the time limit for a return of the product can be tighter.

You can get more advice on hunting for the right deals here.

We buy on the web

Although there are plenty of good deals in the physical stores on Black Friday, is a big part of the deal on the web.

It means that one must sit ready already on Thursday before midnight.