Martin Kragh, who is head of the Russia and Eurasienprogrammet at the Foreign policy institute and associate professor at the Institute for Russia and Eurasienstudier at Uppsala university, writes in a blog post that despite some concerns, there were no third-party attempts to influence the Swedish election on september 9.

But, writes Kragh, some of the counterfeit document was published on the independent portal Pressbladet, where everyone registered can publish ”articles”, and a smaller forum, ”sheds light on something that can be a failed campaign with the goal to smear the Swedish electoral process”.

the falsified documents. Two were up on the Pressbladet on August 20 this year, less than three weeks before the election.

The first purported to be a letter from the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo to the Polish minister of foreign affairs Jacek Czaputowicz.

According to the falsified letter, which is dated to the August 2, would the united states have received information that there was a strong bond between the Tavla sweden democrats and the Russian security services. According to the fake letter would Mike Pompeo claim that Russia had the goal to take control of the SD in order to be able to get out their propaganda in Sweden and in the EU:

”A success for the nationalists in the elections to the Swedish parliament, will strengthen Russia’s political influence in Scandinavia,” it says, among other things.

also it is a forgery, purported to come from the chair of the National collection (formerly the National front) Marine Le Pen and would be set to the sweden democrats ‘ party leader Jimmie Åkesson. Where Le Pen Åkesson to send 127 election observers to Sweden to give the SD support in the election this fall.

Martin Kragh also points to a third forged the letter which has been posted on a forum called the Student Room. In this case, should the letter be written by the prime minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman to the country’s minister of information Yuriy Stets. Where is claimed that the Ukraine has far-reaching plans to try to influence the Swedish general election to help the democrats and make it difficult for SD.

None of the ”documents” seem to have been any spread.