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Lacey Sculls, lead singer of the american rock band Nocturne, have come into question.

A man accuses Sculls for having bitten off his ear – in a degenerated brawl in the traffic.

Lacey Sculls denies the man’s allegations.

Few things can be as annoying as other road users.

Motorist Jorge Magana states that the singer and television personality Lacey Sculls and her boyfriend Jonny attacked him in January. Jorge Magana shall, according to a lawsuit have been sitting in his car when Jonny suddenly gave out on him, dragged him out of the car and beat him repeatedly. He shall also have bitten Jorge Magana, reports TMZ.

Lacey Sculls also made itself into the fight, according to Jorge Magana, who pulled him in the face – and bit off part of his ear.

Police arrested Lacey Sculls and Jonny suspected of several crimes. What caused the cool dispute is not clear from the lawsuit, according to TMZ.

Responds with its own atmosphere

But Lacey Sculls and Jonny responds with a private lawsuit in which they give a completely different picture of the fight. According to the couple was Jorge Magana the aggressive party. He should have slowed down in front of the couple’s car repeatedly, to try to cause a collision. When both drivers stopped, Jorge Magana walked up to Jonny and assigned him a snyting. Bets10

Jonny, however, should never have awarded any kind, according to the Sculls and joe’s lawsuit. Instead, Jorge Magana have chased and attacked Jonny for a second time, by beating him to the ground.

Photo: Tara Ziemba / GETTY IMAGES Jonny and Lacey Sculls.

Lacey Sculls sing in the american rock band Nocturne, which was formed by herself and Chris Telkes in Dallas in 1999.

Lacey Sculls has also been featured in dejtingsåpan ”Rock of Love”, where Bret Michaels – lead singer of glam metal band Poison – was looking for a new girlfriend. Lacey Sculls came in third place in the first season of the soap.

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