The weather is getting colder next week, and at the same time will stop the rain.Next week the weather continued rainy. Foreca

the beginning of the week seems to start to the rainy grey of most parts of Finland. West of the country should be prepared for yet on Monday and water räntäsateeseen.

in Finland on Tuesday, flows northeast to the colder air, and the temperature will drop throughout the country the frost side. The rain, however, do not change the form of snow.

foreca of the meteorologist on duty Kristian Roine tell you that snow can be had in South and Central Finland are still waiting. The rain will stop during the week when the weather gets cold, but this does not necessarily bring still snow.

–Minor rain no snow cover in Southern Finland, precisely enough, Roine estimates.

the South end of the week will be celebrated in a few degrees below zero in lapland, the mercury will fall even -15-20 degrees.

Christmas neighborhood looks like Southern and Central Finland remains very uncertain. Temperature decreased, but the abundant snowfall is not visible.

– the Colder it is, but at the same time it may mean Modabet that it is dry.

Heavy rain and snow this week, for example, in Tampere, finland. Jari Toivonen