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For those who are severely depressed can a pet help to relieve the symptoms, according to researchers, writes The Independent.

A pet can help alleviate the symptoms in people who suffer from severe depression, which can not be treated easily with anti-depressant drugs or psychotherapy. This according to a new study published in the scientific Journal Journal of Psychiatric Research.

The two Portuguese researchers, Jorge Mota Pereira and Daniela Fonte, studied 80 people with this type of depression and found that pets improved the effects of anti-depressants for a significant minority of the participants, writes The Independent.

the Researchers offered all participants to take on an animal, 33 people went along with it. 20 people chose to get a dog, seven people chose the cat, and the rest is a different animal.

During the twelve weeks and evaluated their depression, controls were made was fourth and the eighth week. At the end of the study, they saw that more than a third of the group opted to adopt an animal had förmildrat their symptoms.

Of the results, the researchers concluded that pets can improve the efficiency of usual treatments for depression, and adds that those who care about a pet develops a ”strong sense of belonging and camaraderie, which contributes strongly to mental well-being” .

Photo: TTEtt pets can relieve the symptoms of depression, according to scientists. Criticizes the study

the Study has, however, received criticism. Christian Jarrett who writes for the British Psychological Society Research Diegets mean that the study had become heavier if you randomly distributed husdjursägandet between the participants, instead of it got to choose themselves.

”Maybe it was something different in the personality or the social conditions of those who chose to get a pet, which made that they were willing to take care of someone.”

With this he means that the adoption itself was not the main reason for their recovery.

”In the future can be better controlled research to immerse themselves in this,” he writes.