With a nearly perfect result of the election of justice draws the Minister for Barley as the SPD’s top candidate in the European elections. She received 99 percent of the votes and forms a Duo with the EU-politicians bull man.

The second in the Duo: Udo Bullmann, came to 97.4 percent of the delegates votes.

The SPD Minister of justice Katarina Barley, and the presidents of the European Parliament, Udo bullmann, on, as a Duo for the European elections in the coming year.

Barley received on the conference of delegates of the social Democrats in Berlin, 99 percent of all votes. 192 Nakitbahis of 194 delegates voted for them. Bull man came in with 188 out of 193 valid votes cast at 97.4 percent.

Barley is Post as Minister to

For your exchange to Brussels Barley wants to give up her Ministerial post. In her speech before the vote they had called for the rise of right-wing populists in the EU decided to counteract. The EU is the guarantor for peace in Europe, “we must not put at risk”. Never right-wing populists are likely to get the Say in Europe.

in Addition, she announced that she would want to for reforms in the EU and called for a European minimum wage and European social insurance.

the SPD nominated Barley as a top candidate for the European election
issues of the day at 22:45, 09.12.2018, Christian field, ARD Berlin

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