Star stylist: Vesa Silver styling to Let Wood Castle party. Watching you live from these details?

About a month ago, stylist Vesa Silver the phone rang – the caller was Anna Wood , with the president of The Republic office had asked the address.

Enter a Tree styling a Vesa SIlver was the Castle party fashion expert day magazine live in the studio. Also included in the Style.’s fashion editor Milja Haaksluoto.

– Then we sent Anna with pictures on both sides. We were already The Voice of Finland in the descriptions talked about, that if the call came, Anna would like to someone in a corset or the breast of which should be metal, Silver to Give the tree of live design.

Also, red had been Given Wood and Silver plans longer. Designer was asked Teemu wall hill , renowned jewelry designer Anu Ekin , which works to Give your Tree the suit eventually was. The outfit is red, metallic silk.

Let the Tree live in had many interesting details. Several party guests trusted to Give your tree the way laahukselliseen evening dress. Pasi Liesimaa / IL

the Czech-designed stainless steel armor consists of Supertotobet four parts, it was up to the hinge and put it was Given to the Tree with kid gloves. Silver according to Anna Wood evening bag was sure microfiber for potential fingerprint removal.

– we wanted To emphasize the metal corset. The important part was the contrast between the stainless steel and red between. Dress to reveal the exquisitely also Give back tattoo, Silver said the evening paper.

metal armor is stainless steel: it is welded, shaped and forged with great care. The suit was fitted several times before the independence day evening.

Vesa Silver styling also Give the Tree a spouse, Jukka Immonen Castle party. Pasi Liesimaa / IL

– the Armor inside is a fabric corset. To live is to do the last couple of weeks frequent. Its sewing Sari Hörkkö , Silver told the dress backgrounds.

Enter a Tree designed before the fall of Pink ribbon, which is ornamented with flash – now Anna had her feet Giuseppe Zanottin heels with a lightning shaped rate. The red bag and the shoes were Silver, according to ordered from abroad.

Enter the Wood heel was in the shape of lightning. As well as shoes that the bags had been ordered from abroad. Pasi Liesimaa / IL

Silver and Give the Tree are a familiar team promo and The Voice of Finland-descriptions. I will give makeup, was responsible for the Eevis Liedes and hair Joni Willberg .

Anna was surprisingly cool when we were getting ready in one night, Silver told reporters with a smile.

If the embed doesn’t show, you can watch it here.