yesterday, Wednesday a little after lunch issued fiskekutteren Rigmor Kirstine a distress signal when the ship suddenly took on water.

Shortly after, it was on the bottom of the sea.

the Crew of three men are unharmed, but emotionally included.

the Captain is 23-year-old Nikolaj Bjerre, who recently appeared in the new season of TV2’s ’the Guys on the kutterne’.

With him he had his father and brother.

– We pulled three extra pumps down, and when we realized that we could not keep it up, we went in the lifeboat and were picked up by HM 92 Goliath, tells the Thorup Beach-fisherman.

HM 90 Rigmor Kirstine keep in Thorup Beach, where you can still pull kutterne up on the sand. Photo: Mick Anderson
Nikolaj Bjerre had been on the water since 2.30 on the morning of the same day, when the accident occurred.

Fiskekutteren sunk approximately 17 nautical miles north of Thorup Beach, where the three men fished for cod.

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The Police of northern Jutland confirmed that the approximately at 13.20 on Monday received a notification from the admiral, that a fishing boat was sunk by Thorup Strand.

the Police know, according to the newspaper yet, why fiskekutteren sank, but they Retrobet have been informed, that the sudden springing of a leak.

Nikolaj Bjerre is collected, since Extra Magazine speaks with him over the phone, but despite the calm in his voice, he does not hide the seriousness.

– of Course you are scared, but as skipper, you have to keep a cool head, he says.

As the water fossede into the ship, fearing Nikolaj Bjerre the worst.

– It makes you well always. I have a daughter to come home to and a lovely girlfriend, tells Nikolaj Bjerre.

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Nikolaj Bjerre explains that he contacted the HM 92 Goliath, as they began to take water. HM 92 Goliath operating in the same area and reached the kuldsejlende family.

Thus stayed Nikolaj Bjerre, his father and lillebor not more than a few minutes in the lifeboat before they were picked up.

Nikolaj Bjerre says that he still doesn’t have any explanation on the leaked.

– It may had been a pipe that broke, or a kølbolt, who jumped, he says.

certain it is, however, that he has lost his livelihood, there lies at the bottom of the sea.

It is ’tiresome’, but most importantly, did no harm, says Nikolaj Bjerre.

– the Economy is completely inconsequential to me, as long as I have my father and brother with the home.

– I got my people home, so, I would basically shit on everything else, says Nikolaj Bjerre.

Authorities say to the North, to the cutter is not a forureningsmæssig risk.