The locomotive of regional train collides against the obstacle. Injured, there is not. Now the Federal police are investigating.

Unknown at Regensburg a concrete pole on the Track of the railway, rain castle-Swan village route and this causes an accident. The locomotive of a regional train crashed in the Morning against the obstacle. A result of the collision, the fishing protection, the locomotive was so badly damaged that she was taken out of service. Injured there, according to police.

“We determined because of dangerous interference in rail transport,” said a spokesman for the Federal police. A terrorist attack will be excluded. g├╝venilir bahis siteleri The route was blocked for the investigation on Sunday until noon.

of The roughly three-Meter-high, four-sided concrete pole broke apart by the impact in several parts. According to initial findings, the perpetrators could have stolen the Mast of a construction site of the rail and then the rail to a landfill. The accident site is located just outside of Regensburg centre. The tracks there are available. According to police, Unknown at this point had placed things on the tracks – not least a shopping cart.