today, the Stine Bjerre Mortensen the fixed face on the screen, when there are western christianity and most on the menu at TV2, and it is also her, who guides viewers through the women’s current handball-EM in France.

But like so many others, is Stine Bjerre Mortensen started very far from the top.

The she says in an interview with Billed-Bladet.

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Stine Bjerre Mortensen has been a presenter on TV2 Sport in eight years, but it’s small 14 years ago, she began with a student job at TV2 Sport, where she fetched coffee for studieværterne.

– I was at the bottom of the food chain, and although I’m not the type with the big gestures, I have found my own path. It is, among other things, to mix humility with hard work, and it does not mean that I can’t say from, say host to Billed-Bladet.

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Since then, Stine Bjerre Mortensen scored håndbolden close check on life. Private Casinovale form she couple with the professional handball player Casper U. Mortensen. This means that she moves with, when his career dictates it. If it is ladesiggørligt.

the Interim, it has brought the pair to Silkeborg, denmark, Hamburg, Hanover and most recently Barcelona, where he plays now.

Casper U. Mortensen on the far left, next to the landsholdskollegerne Jesper Nøddesbo, Jannick Green, Lasse Svan and Henrik Toft Hansen. Photo: Jens Dresling

however, It does not matter. Actually tells Stine Bjerre Mortensen, that the pair realise their dream.

– In the years I’ve known Ian, he has the almost not spoken about anything other than that his dream was to play handball for FC Barcelona. For me, the city has also always been something special ever since I had Spanish in high school, and I have visited Barcelona several times. The city has soul and heart warming. I am fascinated by the culture, the people, the climate and the food. We realise our dream and are fully aware that we have been lucky. And Casper has been accomplished, says Stine Bjerre Mortensen.

Last year she was the Image-the Magazine’s readers voted for this Year’s female a sports host.