the Ground changes from asphalt to sandy soil, and firehjulstrækket stick, while the big car rises up the small hill to the construction site.

Without the passengers feel anything special for it, rushing on a few big holes and a plate that juts up in the air, before it climbs the last bit up on a plateau of stacked køreplader. The Jeep Compass has arrived.

From the small plateau the car can be seen from the most of the space, and it is good the same. For even here, surrounded by the excavators, dumpers and rollers, can Compass to compete with on price as the most masculine vehicle.

With its distinctive, wide grille, big wheels and angular wheel arches, the new Jeep it machoamerikanske alternative in the rapidly growing class of mid-sized SUVS.

A class, where there is generally space for diversity – everything from a Peugeot 3008 to the Range Rover Evoque is here – but also massive competition.

the Quality should not just be in order, the car should also preferably be something special, if it is to stand out from the crowd. And it manages Compass. Instead of compete with on pure luxury rates the car to be capable in the terrain and encourage to be used.

the Compass is available with all-wheel drive, a ground clearance of 20 cm and four different køreindstillinger, which makes it able to cope with snow, sand and mud.

If that’s not enough, so the Compass in a special ‘Trailhawk’version with a little more ground clearance, a special underdrive and a more acute front to make the car even more capable in the terrain.

On the way, give Compass, its leads to some opportunities, you would normally be up in the slightly more expensive Land Rover to get access to. the
Air conditioner can be controlled from the touch screen, but in practice it is somewhat bothersome. Photo: Mathias Grams
Durable and practical
In the cabin, it is evident that the american designers have gone for a mix of european luxury and practicability.

the Result is a cabin that is far from the, that was in the previous version of Compass. Here is pianolak, infotainmentskærm with Apple Carplay and high the morning table was, but there is however more aflægningsplads.

Design can the interior does not quite follow with its european competitors such as the Volvo XC40, or the VW Tiguan – but the question is , how many could bring themselves to set themselves up in one of them with a pair of muddy shoes on a rainy day.

Jeep has put thick leather on the seats (ektraudstyr), thrown a few rubber mats in the bottom and retained many of the physical buttons, as other manufacturers are scrambling to replace with touchscreens. The result is a practical booth that works extremely hard wearing.

you Must preen a little a day, then it is also possible to set the climate and audio system via the touch screen. However, it is so cumbersome that in practice it is reserved for passengers to play with.
the Cargo area grows to 1267 litres in the Compass, when the rear seats are put down. Photo: Mathias Grams
American cruiser
The Danish importer has chosen to cut the most scraped the car of the Compass away, so the base version is at home the well-stocked Limited.

this means that The adaptive cruise control, keyless operation, elbagklap and heating in the steering wheel are standard, along with automatic emergency brake and vejbaneassistent.

Much of the equipment comes especially to his right on the ride home from the construction site, where testbilen being a comfortable american cruiser, as soon as the dirt road becomes asphalt.

Testbilen is well on the road, 9-speed-automatic transmission switches gently, and the diesel engine with 170 horses have plenty of forces. Should you in a unawares come of turning out against the hard shoulder, then takes the car carefully at the wheel and steers back in its orbit again.

the Steering is on the light side, and it is a smagsspørgsmål, if you will call the driving experience a luxurious or a tad uinvolverende. But comfortable, it is in each case

the Jeep Compass is available in yellow plates from 234.027 crowns before vat and delivery. It gets a 1.6-liter diesel engine with 120 hp and the drag on the front wheels.

all-Wheel drive is, however, so great a part of it, which makes the Compass to something special, you should consider the cheapest version with the drag on all four wheels to 285.709 crowns. This includes a 2-liter diesel with 140 hp and manual transmission.

do one about the perfect american cruiser with automatic transmission and powerful as in testbilen, so the end up price of 334.740 crowns – that is just about 100,000 dollars more than the base model.

in addition testbilens enhancements such as 18 inch alloy wheels for 12,000 kroner, leather seats with eljusterbare front seats to 29,000 crowns and an update of the sound system and infotainmentskærm for a total of 27,000 crowns.

everything is there for 85.000 dollars alone in the enhancement, and then we gradually up to the surface, where slightly larger competitors like the Land Rover Discovery Sport begins to offer.

When the Extra Magazine tests the Jeep Compass, the importer is not yet ready with a gulpladeudgave of the car. The Compass was restored in Ringsted, so there is not a certified abandonment of varerummets measuring jug, as if the car was rebuilt at the factory.

With a white sheet called the official measuring jug, however, 1267 litres when the rear row of seats put down. the
Compass is available with a Beats sound system with nine speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Photo: Mathias Grams
Off-road and design
the Compass is up against some of the best livsstilsbiler in the class of medium sized SUVS, and here it is risky to bet narrowly. With its masculine design and a focus on offroad is Compass an original alternative to those who want to stand out and have rubber mats instead of beige leather seats.

in turn, embraces the car is not as wide as some of the competitors, and you don’t care with off-road characteristics, then it becomes much harder for the car to take the plug home on his american charm.

Some will, however, may think that it is biltypens the lot, and the question is just whether you will have a livsstilsbil, there may be a little of all of it, or rather think it would take a bit of the life out of the car.

Jeep Compass

234.027 excl. vat.

334.740 excl. vat.

four cylinder, the 2.0 diesel, 170 hp.

17.5 km/l at mixed driving NEDC

9,5 sec.

2132 kg

406.4 mm

1500 kg/450 kg