Evening magazine’s Kim-a special paper appeared on Tuesday. 84-page giant magazine reported Kimi Raikkonen colorful career as well as F1 through to 2019.Video: IL:n Ville-Veikko Power and Janne Palomäki go through Kimi Raikkonen visible through the 2019 departure.

evening magazine’s Kim-a special magazine for the second pääjutussa aloud from Kimi Raikkonen as a mechanic in 1997 and 1998 European tours Kalle Jokinen , which recognizes a young driver with exceptional gifts at an early stage.

Journal Jokinen told the story of the 1997 Monaco Kart Cup, where the 17-year-old Raikkonen flicked himself four years older Ralf Schumacher . The German was driving at the time, first season in F1, Jordan.

– There was then such a F1 game, and Ralfilla was in the basket of franc coins. He tossed them in and drove. Probably ten fastest laps were Ralfilla, Jokinen recalls in a long article.

the Finns were standing next to and waited nicely for their turn, until eventually Schumacher had enough. Raikkonen jumped into the driver’s seat, and Jokinen hit one of the coins inside.

Boom! Kimi Raikkonen was number one.

Jokinen visit the article through the numerous moments when the young Raikkonen has beaten the other by surprise with their skills.

it Was then a quad bike, a motocross bike, snowmobile, lawn mower – yeah, whatever – whenever any of the kick start, Kim is now ready. I’ve never seen anyone that kind of passion for driving, Jokinen said.

Jokinen and Raikkonen in the early 1990s started a joint journey is the story of young men from the wild European conquest, and the warm friendship of the relationship, which still continues.

you Can read more on Tuesday appeared in the Kim-special magazine on the content of this link.


Kalle Jokinen action Kimi Raikkonen as a mechanic in the European karting track in the years 1997-1998. Garage shelf the trophies will tell you that Jokinen was too talented karting driver, whose international career began and ended in a dramatic way. Minna Noble Danger