This decision by Ábalos has become known after this morning the Federal Executive Commission of the PSOE unanimously agreed to request the former minister to deliver within 24 hours his minutes as a deputy as a result of the investigations opened regarding his former advisor Koldo. Garcia.

The PSOE considers that “there is political responsibility” on the part of Ábalos, despite the fact that “he is not investigated, nor accused, nor charged, nor does his name appear in the investigation.”

“We do not feel like judges, we are not prosecutors, we do not judge, but, despite everything, the Federal Executive Commission considers that there is a political responsibility,” said its spokesperson, Esther Peña.

In addition to demanding Ábalos’s status as a deputy, the PSOE has agreed to immediately register in Congress the request for the creation of a commission to investigate the purchase of medical supplies by public administrations during the coronavirus pandemic.

His first task, Peña explained, will be the case that affects an alleged collection of commissions on the purchase of masks by Koldo García, former advisor to Ábalos.

The PSOE spokesperson has assured that “several” people from the party have spoken with Ábalos in recent days, without giving specific names, and has added that the decision on the delivery of the minutes must be made by the deputy himself, who will be informed of the resolution of the Executive through the “usual channels”.

“I have no doubt that José Luis Ábalos will act accordingly for this greater good that is the PSOE and, furthermore, because I believe that in this case appearance is also good for us,” said Peña, who has assured that the former minister is an example of “party orthodoxy, commitment and respect for the history” of the formation.

On the other hand, he has highlighted the commitment of the PSOE against political corruption, as well as “collaboration with Justice, absolute transparency and the assumption of responsibilities”, and has contrasted this attitude with that of the PP in cases of corruption in the that this party has been involved.

“Here you don’t hear sounds of hammers hitting laptops or destruction of hard drives. So from the PSOE, absolute transparency with all the conviction, no matter who falls, as our President of the Government and Secretary General said,” he maintained.

In this sense, he stressed that the PSOE are different from the PP, since they assume responsibilities “far above the judicial ones, for the good of politics and for the good of the institutions”, hence the decision taken this Monday in the Executive that, in his opinion, “does good not only for our organization, but for the political climate in general.”

“A corrupt person defrauds the trust of the millions of voters who have trusted the PSOE, soils the legacy of the hundreds of thousands of socialist militants who throughout our history have made Spain a greater country, have made Spain a better country. That is why the people whose names have been indicated by the judge and the Prosecutor’s Office are no longer militants of this party,” he said in reference to Koldo García, who was no longer a socialist militant, and his wife, who was suspended from militancy.

Regarding the investigation commission that they will request in Congress, he commented that “no one should feel intimidated” since in the PSOE they are not intimidated and their only objective, he indicated, is to rebel “against the shamelessness of all those who wanted to profit while our compatriots died from Covid.”

The PSOE spokesperson trusts that “for the sake of truth and dignity” no parliamentary group in Congress will oppose the creation of this investigation commission, in which the socialists are open to also analyze the case in which he was involved. The brother of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was involved.

“The PSOE, before anyone else, is going to work for the truth. It is going to work for all of them because that is why they have chosen us election after election. This is a party with almost 150 years of history; there is no room for the corrupt here,” it is finished.