The increase foreseen in the budget plan will be debated today by the Board of the Chamber – the governing body of the institution – and is expected to be approved. The Global Budget includes, specifically, a spending forecast of 114,815,460 euros, which is 3.98% more than the accounts executed for the year 2023, whose amount amounted to 110,421,300 euros, Europa Press reports.

Among the expenditure items, an additional provision is contemplated to deal with a possible increase in the salaries of deputies of 2.5%, in line with previous years.

Once the accounts of the body have been approved, they will be incorporated into the draft General State Budget Law, still pending approval and therefore without having begun its parliamentary processing.

It is referred to as “eventual” because the increase in parliamentary remuneration will be adopted, where appropriate, in accordance with the provisions contemplated in the corresponding concepts of the PGE, which the Ministry of Finance is still designing and which the Government wants to send to Congress in the upcoming weeks.

With this 2.5% increase, the payroll that all deputies receive monthly would go from the current 3,142.14 euros to 3,220.69, that is, they will earn an average of 78.55 euros more per month and a total of 45,089.66 euros per year, to which each one must add the compensation and supplements that correspond to him, and which will increase by the same amount.

The Congressional budget project for 2024 also includes an additional provision for salaries of temporary staff of 18.80% to face a possible increase in these salaries, also of 2.5%.

In total, the chapter allocated to personnel expenses, which also includes parliamentary remuneration, amounts to 55,036,450 euros, 9.08% more than the 50,545,100 euros that were budgeted for 2023.

The deputies of the Congress and the Senate receive salaries that range from almost 56,000 euros to 100,000, depending on the responsibilities they perform in the Chambers and the constituency to which they belong, in addition to other extras such as transportation aid, diets or devices. digital. They also have the right to compensation.

The salaries of deputies in Spain are public remunerations included in the Constitution that can be consulted on the Transparency Portal of the Congress of Deputies. They consist of a base salary called constitutional remuneration, now at 3,142.14 euros gross per month, a common base salary for all to which various extras and supplements are added depending on the responsibilities assigned to them in Congress.

All deputies receive, in addition to their base salary, compensation to cover the expenses of their parliamentary activity (963.43 euros in Madrid and 2,018.41 for the rest of the constituencies) in addition to aid, per diems and extras.

To the total payroll we must add the complements by position (see box), such as members of the Board, the Board of Spokespersons or some Parliamentary Commission, so that finally their salary can be put at around 100,000 gross euros per year.

Transportation aid, like that contemplated in many private companies, includes reimbursement of parking expenses at airports and trains, up to plane, boat and train tickets, at the expense of the transport company, except for aid for payment of fuel for mileage for the use of your own car.

Since 2006, the Chamber has provided each deputy without an official car with a personalized card to use the taxi service in Madrid, up to a maximum of 3,000 euros per year. For each official trip abroad, Deputies charge 150 euros per day and 120 if they are trips through Spain.

Deputies who do not repeat their seat and who do not receive any other public salary can request severance compensation if they have been in Parliament for a minimum of two years, which consists of a monthly payment of the constitutional allocation (3,126.89 euros), for each year of mandate and with a maximum of 24 months and which is paid monthly to give time to make adjustments and to be able to stop collecting the payment if the former parliamentarian resumes his work activity in another area outside of Congress. The positions appointed by the Board of the Chamber do not receive compensation for termination.

In the budget project, a drop of 2.43% stands out in the chapter of current expenses on goods and services, since the 45,418,000 in 2023 goes to 44,313,250 euros due to the reduction in the subconcept of electric energy supply , which is 33.83% less.