Eva Wahlström suffered last night Finnish time professional career first defeat.Eva wahlström’s ferocious battle was not enough. EPA / AOP

Wahlstrom lost the WBA and IBF lightweight championship of the world in Katie Taylor every judge votes.

the Finnish background the corps of Pekka Mäki according to Wahlstrom was a pretty good match with, until an unfortunate collision.

– in the Third or fourth round to become the kind ends bump. Eva went about it a little mixed up. Then it’s a match turned from that point forward. Eva didn’t get it after the right rhythm. It was a step late almost throughout the entire match, the Hill recap the evening paper.

– a Heroic fight and a good go however. Those events, it was just pretty hard to translate. The better woman won.

Clear despite the loss Wahlstrom was in relatively good condition after the game.

I Got some stitches on his forehead and the corner of the eye, but the doctor was on the spot quilted them nicely.

room for Improvement left

Hill didn’t want to go ifs to lose the game after, even if Wahlstrom were not quite at his best.

– Easy to say now, but maybe a little could have been more active and more proactive. If there had been himself, first doing, it could look a little bit different.

Taylor against the initiative, however, is not easy.

– If there is a quick opponent who is having a high rhythm, it is difficult to be very involved.

Although the loss was now clear, the top of the Hill, according to Wahlströmillä is the ability of crash Taylor.

– Yes I believe. If the second time sometimes fight against him, so could be a little bit different thoughts on it out. Now Eva is seen, what is, and what it is.

– still Not bad, that rises sets up and faced the two covenants of the master. Not like a head hiding put. Like a valorous battle was.