Streaming service Hatch has expanded its service to Android TV televisoihin.Slush can play Hatch games Elisa 5G mobile network. Mari Pudas

Hatch told the Slush in connection with the expansion of their services to Android-tvs and bring new content to the Hatch service Hatch Originals games. The game is designed from the beginning for play on the Hatch.

One of these games is Fold with Arkanoid Rising, fresh version of the 1986 shooter classic. Hatch introduced the game in Helsinki at Slush.

the Hatch to organize together with elisa with the slush in the game of the tournament, which is played mobile games 5G-online. The other two games of the tournament Showbahis game Arkanoid Risingin addition to are Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Angry Birds.

hatch’s and elisa’s cooperation does not end with Slush, but the mobile game tournaments, organizing the next year in various locations.

Hatch presented at Slush also Hatch Kids, which offers a child-oriented educational games, digitarina and other content.

the stake of the subsidiary, in the game world of team has been called to Hatch is a Finnish game streaming service, which is available for Android users all over Europe.

Slush race the mobile game in the tournament. Mari Pudas