the Expectation that Denmark already, Monday may be dressed in white colors, is now longer into next week.

DEBRIS rained the previous with the fact that just Monday could be the first day with snow in Djursland, east Jutland, northern Zealand and the island of funen. But now it sounds the weather forecast that the first local snow and sludbyger first falls on Wednesday and at least Thursday.

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the Explanation of the vejrskiftet is that cold Pasgol air moves over Denmark.

– There will be a covered high pressure from Scandinavia to Russia, and low pressure over Southern europe. It means that there will be opened to the cold air from Russia.

– It comes to mean the emergence of snow showers over the especially the Baltic area: Bornholm, Lolland-Falster, Funen, and southern Jutland, says Steen Hermansen, who is the meteorologist at DMI.

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