Pc does not start or malware is jammed it? The windows password is missing? In these and in many other situations a rescue disk name tool, especially if it is remember to create time.Restore disc can be performed even if the usb stick. Mostphotos

micro-bits guide on how a rescue disk (rescue disk) is created.

the rescue disk is the computer’s actual operating system instead of use, alternative operating system contained in the ensemble, which is often equipped with a variety of utilities.

the most commonly used data rescue in one way or another work with matt from Betboo your computer, but also other potential uses are numerous.

the rescue disc you need to create naturally functional computer. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create it, when the problem is not yet visible.

Traditionally, the rescue disk is meant to a cd or dvd, but these reels read of the status is rare, as a result of a usb stick is much more practical home rescue system.

in Addition to the rescue disk creation is needed to some of free software.

a rescue disk applies especially to Windows machines. All modern Macs have built-in recovery mode (recovery mode) , which can take advantage of the absence of external mass memories. It starts up, press the computer startup with Command + R, when the apple logo appears.

Read the instructions on the micro bits.