Ski world cup doping raids have once again highlighted the scam method called blood refueling.The morning paper of Pekka Aalto and evening magazine Santtu Silvennoinen discussed Seefeld doping raid events in IL-TV.

autologous blood transfusion, i.e. a small amount of your own blood before the race to improve an athlete’s durability features clearly. It also knew the austrian skier Max Picciuto , whose blood refueling the middle of the austrian police just tore the hotel room Seefeld world championships last week.

Picciuto and the other four skiers were caught cheating, only the Austrian police vigilance, thanks, because none of them have been given the race in a positive doping sample or otherwise by Wada to catch. If Austria-doping would not be banned by law, Seefeldissä midstream of the captured athletes would probably skied the others normally.

Therefore, the blood fueling and the sustainability of the benefits of talking about the Central Europe.

the fuss is at the core of the German doctor Mark Schmidt , whose clients five captured the skiers were. Schmidt’s doping ring belongs to the Frankfurter Allgemeine, up to 50-60 athletes from different species.

Virén pioneer?

stir in the middle of switzerland, one of the largest included and respected newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung wrote an article about what is autologous blood transfusion actually is. The article mentions how blood doping increased the first time a large topic of discussion at the Munich olympics in 1972, where Lasse Virén won the gold in both the 5000 meters in that 10,000-meter competitions.

since then he has been held at that time still permitted autologous blood doping pioneer. Four years later he repeated the trick in Montreal and take two olympic wins. Virén never admitted to using autologous blood transfusion, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes.

the Case described in the text describes a fact, that Check was one of the first blood fueling the successful endurance athlete.

the evening paper of the telephone objectives by the endurance running legend baffled by swiss magazine article.

I’m just Wondering, where write Check for taivasteli.


I don’t know what kind of pioneer I considered, but I many times raised to the headlines that I’ve done, but I don’t have but caught in that kind of stuff, when I’m done.


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– Väitteitähän always moves of all kinds, and if it can be proven, so I must say that näinpäs is gone, but I don’t have the kind of information that should be displayed.


– Always have been accused of such, who do different things and been wondering where that comes from. Fortunately, there were screens below so much, I didn’t need such things to interfere with it more, not head trouble.


I don’t have it better, what news I’ve heard. Well, it seems to know the Finnish team members it more. Difficult here to take a position on it, Check for inches.

Lasse Virén celebrate the 10 000 meters race at the Montreal olympics in this way. AOP”Extra blood”

Virén active during the blood refueling was prohibited. That line was unlawful only in 1986, although already ten years before the Montreal olympics issue of the rise of a fuss.

– He has an extra blood inside, New zealand’s Ron Dixon reason Viréniä The New York Times archive of the article.

Virén, but also in other european runners were accused of blood drinking.

I don’t know what it is. I’ve never heard of the issue, Check answered at the time of the blood refueling kysyneelle reporters.

Five and ten olympic gold run Virén attended in Montreal also for the marathon and ran the race in fifth.

the Senseless exercise their well-known Check never gave a positive doping sample career ladder.

– of Course, when the finns go skiing, I look at how they there’re doing. Didn’t really feel the future yes success this year, Lasse Virén was thinking Seefeld world championships. SANTTU SILVENNOINEN